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Hartsfield School is non-denominational and the teaching of Religious Education is in accordance with the Hertfordshire Agreed Syllabus (see the document below) 

Our teaching encompasses the encouragement of respect for ourselves and each other, tolerance and concern for others, understanding of different faiths and religions, and sensitivity to multicultural issues. These areas are provided at levels appropriate to the child within lessons, informal conversations, assemblies and normal class work.

We aim to prepare pupils to engage in a diverse and complex multi-religious and multi-secular society, by:

· making sense of religion and world views around them and helping them begin to understand the complex world in which they live;

· making knowledge-based judgements about important matters of religion and belief which shape the global landscape.

To achieve this, the curriculum encompasses the following:

Sources of wisdom and their impact

All pupils should:

• know, understand and explore the significance and impact of sacred texts, other sources of wisdom and ways of expressing meaning

• express ideas and insights about the nature of beliefs, values and practices and their impact upon the identity of individuals and communities

• recognise and explore the diversity which exists within and between religious traditions

Personal and critical responses

All pupils should:

• express with increasing discernment their personal reflections, critical responses and connections to faith and belief enquiring into philosophical, moral and ethical issues

• engage with the questions and answers offered by religions and world views concerning ultimate questions and human responsibility

• develop the skills required to engage with others in dialogue and to cooperate in society with respect and compassion.


School assemblies take place on a daily basis, providing a time of quiet reflection within an act of celebration or worship, which could be linked to religious festivals, school events or national or international occasions. The act of worship is broadly of a Christian nature.  

Parents not wishing their child to participate in such assemblies should consult the Headteacher.