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School Team


Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) 

Mrs Philippa Smith
Assistant Headteacher/ SENCO/ Mental Health Lead and Deputy DSL  Mrs K. Dearn
Assistant Headteacher/ EYFS, KS1 Leader and Curriculum Lead Teacher Mrs C. Nelson
Reception Class Teachers                               Mrs K . Jakes
                         Mrs R. Williams and Mrs Lalli
Year 1 teachers Miss B. Childs
                                Mrs J. Hughes
Year 2 teachers Mrs C. Nelson
                               Mrs J. Fisher
Year 3 teachers Mrs S. Redfern
                              Mrs R. Ward
Year 4 teacher/ LKS2 Phase Leader Mrs R. Prior
Year 4 teacher                        Miss S. Corr
Year 5 teachers Mrs S. Warman
                               Mrs L. Lyons and Mrs R. Lawes
Year 6 teacher / UKS2 Phase Leader                      Miss L. Gregory
Year 6 teacher  Mrs S. Tungatt
PPA Cover teachers Mrs P. New
  Ms S. Thomas
  Mrs R. Lalli
  Mrs H. Backhouse
Higher Level Teaching Assistants    Mrs S. Berry
  Mrs J. Caple
  Mrs J. Stobbs
EYFS Teaching Assistants Miss C. Carey-Smith
  Mrs S. Wilsher
  Mrs K. Watts
EY Welfare Assistant Mrs C. Angus                                                                                         
Teaching Assistants Mrs G. Allin 

Mrs J. Backhouse

  Mrs K. Gill
  Mrs C. Gordon  
  Mrs J. Lidder

Mrs D. McKenzie

Mr B Moss

Mrs K Norman

  Mrs K. Tilbury
  Mrs R. Vigliotti

Mrs L. Wing

  Mrs V. Weller
Health and Welfare Assistant/             Deputy Mental Health Lead

Mrs A. Parry                                                                  

School Business Manager/Finance Manager Mrs D. Munson
Office Administrator Mrs L. Caldwell
Database/ Assessment Administrator Mrs R. Dyne
Office Administrator Mrs M. Giddings
Site Manager Mr R. Darcy
Assistant Site Manager   Mr J. Jeram
Cleaners Mrs T. Dungey, Mrs A Wright, Ms M Watson, Mrs E. Ashby
Midday Supervisory Assistants Mrs K. Watts,  Mrs K. Gill (Senior MSA) 
  Mrs C. Angus
  Mrs A Wright (cover MSA)
  Mrs N. Arnold
  Mrs E. Ashby
  Mrs M. Georgeou
  Mrs A Jardin
  Mrs S. Smith
  Mrs J.  Byrne
  Mrs C. Grant
  Mrs A. Gibson
  Mrs E. Caux-Price