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Website help

This website will help to keep you up to date with all the exciting activities and events happening at our school. There is statutory and reference information in addition to details of the curriculum.


Using the ‘ Main Areas’ on the top of the home page you will be able to find the information you are looking for.

Once you have entered one of the  Main Areas you will be able to search for more specific information by using the drop down headings in the green boxes. Once you click on one of those you will have access to sub-sections on the laft hand side of the page.


You should see near the top of each page on the site a list of "Breadcrumbs". On this page they are:

Home » About Us » Website help

These tell you how to reach the page that you are on, so it's a good list to remember or to tell someone if you, or they, want to get back to the same place on the site. You can also click on the crumbs themselves to go back a page for instance.

We hope you find the website helpful and informative.



If you have technical problems with the website i.e. the way it works rather than the content, please email the school admin putting "For the attention of the Webmaster" near the top of your email.