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Art and Design


We want all children at Hartsfield to have the opportunity to produce creative and imaginative work, explore their ideas and record their experiences.  They will also explore the work of others and develop their knowledge of famous artists, designers and craft makers.  Children will develop their skills and become confident in a variety of techniques including drawing, painting, sculpting as well as printing, textiles and collage. Our lessons will offer children the opportunity to develop their skills across a series of lessons and across each key stage, develop their interest and ask questions about art work and techniques that they are using and evaluate their own work and the work of others. Lessons will be engaging and allow children to experiment and develop their own artist styles - we want all children at Hartsfield to believe that they are artists.  Children will work independently as well as create art work collaboratively and on a range of scales. Art can be used a vehicle to develop personal, social and emotional skills. Children with SEN will be supported by giving them additional support, adapting materials and equipment and making reasonable adjustments on expectations depending on individual needs. PPG children will be supported by offering additional art clubs and by offering the books/resources where art can be viewed and explored, such as online art galleries.


Our art curriculum is planned so our children can reach the progression milestones by the end of each key stage (see additional document).  Lessons have been planned to develop techniques and use materials with creativity and experimentation.  Themes have been chosen to either link to other subject areas, (often history where the children are able to bring their historical knowledge to the lessons) and other topics have been planned to create interest and curiosity and enable the children at Hartsfield to reflect on the art and design that has shaped our culture and the cultures and traditions of others around the world.  Within each topic, lessons are planned to focus on a skilled area and skills will be progressed throughout the series of lessons. Across each key stage different topics, skills and techniques are either introduced or revisited. Skills and knowledge are then progressed with drawing being a focus within most topics covered.  Teachers will be supported by the subject leader and relevant training will be given when necessary.  An overview of the topics covered and the skills and knowledge taught and developed can be found on the additional Curriculum Plan document.