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In School Activities

Here are some of the ways in which we encourage children to be active in school. Some of these ideas can be used at home as well.

  • Daily Active for  15
    • 15 minutes of games/movement to refresh children as needed throughout the day
  • Class running/movement games
  • Daily Mile
  • Each class has an ‘Active Box’ with equipment (e.g. balls, bats, skipping ropes) in to use at playtimes and during the Daily Shake-Up for 15
  • Year 5/6 Play Leaders who lead activities with young children
  • Year 6 Sports Leaders who promote an active lifestyle throughout the school
  • Sports Council
  • A variety of lunchtime and after school sports clubs
  • Sporting workshops throughout the year (e.g. skipping workshop)
  • Close links with local clubs
  • Extra-curricular activities and attendance at sporting events