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Online Safety

Being 'online'-using the internet, mobile phones and games consoles for example- are now an every-day part of young people's lives. However, there are risks for children and you as parents need to know how to protect your children effectively.

In school we teach the children how to use the internet safely and their online use at school is closely monitored and we hope that the information on this page will help parents in protecting their children when they are ‘online’ at home.

Top Tips for Parents:

  1. Communicate with your child about their online habits.
  2. Have up to date anti-virus protection.
  3. Setup parental controls on your Internet Service Provider (ISP; your ISP will be able to give more information about how to do this).
  4. Make sure you are familiar with the website.
  5. Always seek advice if unsure.

Online Safety support for parents with advice on how to make your tablets and PCs safe:

 Online safety support and information for parents and children

Hertfordshire CC recommended websites