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Pupil Premium

The allocation of Pupil Premium Funding
at Hartsfield School

Pupil Premium is additional funding from the Government to support pupils facing challenges to do their very best at school.  These pupils might be from families with lower incomes, families facing unemployment or pupils who have ever been 'looked after.' This funding means that the school is given additional money for those eligible children to support their learning or development needs and to diminish differences with their peers. If parents have been awarded Pupil Premium we continue to be allocated funding to support their child for six years even if they become no longer eligible for free school meals (say for example, a parent starts a new job). This is called "Ever 6". For pupils who have been adopted from Local Authority care or currently in care, we receive funding at a higher rate which is called "Pupil Premium Plus" as it is recognised that these pupils may well have a higher level of needs. Currently, pupil premium is £1455 per pupil and £2530 for pupil premium plus pupils.  Parents can ask for advice from the school office if they wish to check their eligibility for this grant for their child/ ren. 

Although the Department for Education inform us that it is up to the school to decide how Pupil Premium is used, we are very open to discussions with, and suggestions from parents as to how we spend this funding for each child who is eligible.  We ask that parents have a confidential conversation with the Headteacher, Mrs Smith, e.g. if they would like the money to support school trips or clubs.  Research tell us that sometimes these pupils do not make the same good progress as their peers - we do all we can to prevent this happening, and we monitor this carefully. We will put actions into place at school to support your children (see our Pupil Premium Strategy Plan) but always like parent input on this.  We use about half of the funds received to provide high quality teaching to pupils who receive this grant and up to a further quarter on targetted academic support. The final amount enables us to provide wider support such as support with social and emotional needs or extracurricular activities such as sports, trips, arts and cultural activities.

Please always challenge us: Are my children/Is my child making as much progress as their peers? We all want the answer to be a "yes" and will work with families to achieve this.

We always aim to be entirely confidential as to which children are in receipt of pupil premium and staff are only aware on a “need to know” basis. We respect your privacy. We use the funding to raise attainment and maximise progress for pupils and to support their emotional, social and individual needs.