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Speech, Language and Communication

Speech and Language Therapy is mainly provided by NHS Speech and Language Therapist. Occasionally, parents also consult private speech therapists and we are happy to receive their recommendations.

The NHS Children and Young People’s (CYP) Speech and Language Therapy service offers a child- centred approach to support CYP with speech, language, communication needs (SLCN) and also those with eating and drinking difficulties in Hertfordshire.

The Hertfordshire Speech and Language Therapy Service has a website with more information and also information on how to refer children. They also have a helpful advice line for parents:

Advice Line – 01923 470680 option 3, option 1

Please always discuss your concerns with your child’s teacher and/or our school SENCO (Mrs K Dearn- contact her via the school office) Teachers have activities in school which they can use to help develop your child’s speech and language. If this does not progress as we would like however, even with some support, then we can refer to the NHS Speech and Language team for specialist help. You could also speak to your GP about your concerns. What is likely to happen then is that the therapist will give the school some advice to follow with the child and also advice for the parents to follow at home.